Humbuk 01. Slobodné Vinárstvo

Humbuk 01. Slobodné Vinárstvo

What started out as a very spontaneous and vague idea a couple months ago when I was approached by Miška and Robo officially came to life last week Thursday. Seems almost surreal and it's only starting to hit me - we did it! 

As I delved into deeper detail in my previous article, the idea behind Humbuk is simple - to bring wines that we believe in & love and the people who make them closer to others. To people who may not know about the existence of such wine or may have various prejudices against it. We believe these wines represent something beautiful, great and powerful - an idea that it's possible to influence your surroundings with your consumer decisions and that it's not irrelevant what you eat, drink and buy.

The choice to invite Slobodné vinárstvo as the first winery to present was an absolute no brainer. The more time I spend with the team - Agnes, Andrea, Mišo and Katka - the more I fall in love with them and their wine to the core of my being. It's not a very objective stance but at the same time, what could be more objective than unadulterated love. They are fierce, beautiful, hardworking and warm people that produce fearless wines. Wines that have long term aging potential and finesse but are simultaneously creative and push the boundaries of the possible further. THANK YOU for coming and for making our first Humbuk an unforgettable one.

Katka and I spoke that evening about the idea of belonging, community and how natural wines offered me just that. For years I never felt 'at home' - I am fortunate enough to have very close and dear friends but our interests were always very fragmented and varied. That didn't take away from those relationships but I never felt fulfilled in the sense of dedicating my free time and effort outside of work to something 'bigger' until I stumbled upon this crazy community. If these events and the discovery of natural wine and the surrounding community can do the same for at least one other person, this will all have been worth it. 

You can find photos from the evening up on our Facebook page here. 

Let's all stimulate demand for ideas that we believe others should pursue.

A deep, warm thank you to all of you that showed up, asked questions and hopefully enjoyed yourselves.

See you at the next Humbuk in the summer!

We couldn't have done it without you. 

Now enough philosophizing and on to a much needed round of thank you-s! 

To Katka - You are a breathtaking woman. Smart, articulate, hilarious, kind. THANK YOU for being you and creating a safe space around you for others to be themselves as well. 

To Agnes and Kesa - <3 

To Adam - Thank you for the space, for taking a chance on us, being so welcoming and helpful. We are so happy and grateful that we got to be there at the birth of your beautiful space and looking forward to slinging wine there in the future. 

To Baska - Thank you for being our on site support, we literally couldn't have done it without you. Indispenable! 

To Nora & Jakub - Thank you for taking the time to capture the night on film, hence sacrificing wine time. That's never easy. The photos are gorgeous and absolutely capture the spirit. Check out the rest of their work - it's pretty damn great. 

To Matej Spanik - We are sad you weren't there with us, but your spirit was VERY much alive. Thank you so much for all your hard work - you're as much a member of Humbuk as any of us and we love you and are so grateful to you. Long live Vinco! 

And last but NOT least... Robo & Miš. Words are failing me (that's a first) so before I start online crying just let me say that this is only the beginning. I will forever be grateful. Also - I love you guys enough to post this awful photo of the three of us. You're welcome. 

Horst Hummel

Horst Hummel

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