Wine Events Calendar - SUMMER 2017

Wine Events Calendar - SUMMER 2017

Hello gorgeous people! 

A lot of exciting things have been happening - I went on an impromptu wine trip to Villány in Hungary to visit some exceptional winemakers and Humbuk Vol. 01 is gloriously behind us. I'm feeling extremely grateful. Both of these moments deserve more time and space in terms of reflection and writing than I currently have - going to hop into the car to drive over to see and sling wine all weekend with my great friend Zuzka when I finish writing this. But before I go! 

A lot of very great wine events are happening in the next three months - festival season is upon us! - so I thought I'd share a schedule of sorts. It's really exciting to see the community around honest food and wine building in our region and all of these events are worth visiting if you have the chance. You will be blown away by the atmosphere, the good people and hey, there will be wine served everywhere so, you know. I will most definitely be at 3/6 of these, hoping to make it to the other three as well. Let's dig in. 

MAY 12th, SIMPLY DOBRE - the first Slovak conference about all things related to a more sustainable way of purchasing, growing and consuming the things we eat and drink. Organized by Slow Food Pressburg, the day will be filled with panels on very interesting topics featuring chefs, farmers, politicians and many of my friends that have a lot to contribute to the topics. The 25,- EUR ticket includes coffee breaks throughout the day, lunch, snacks, tasting glass for wine after the official part of the event is over and lots of cool people! A really good deal I think. 

And I'll be there too! :-) I was kindly invited to join participate in the wine panel aptly titled 'In Vino Veritas'. Zsolti from Strekov 1075 and Agnes from Slobodne Vinarstvo will be on the panel too, so I'm super excited and I hope I won't make a fool out of myself. Hope to see you guys there!

MAY 13th, ŽIVÉ VÍNA - The following day, we have another annual edition of the first all natural wine festival in Slovakia, Živé Vína. Last year it was AMAZING - you have producers from the Czech Republic, Moravia, Slovakia and more, a fantastic atmosphere and well, lot's of great wines. This year, there will be a special mini presentation of sparkling wine (you will DEFINITELY find me there), one of the visitors will get to win an exclusive set of FIFTY (you're reading correctly) natural wine bottles and Ondra Kopička aka WinePunk will be present. If that's not worth coming for, then I don't know what is. 

I'll be helping out at the festival (and drinking, obvs) so cooome! 

MAY 17th, DRUŽSTVO - The quintessential natural wine party gang makes it's way to Brno. This is great A.) because it's close to Bratislava and B.) because it's the heart of Moravia where lot's of the good stuff comes from! The first wine released was my favorite prosecco Casa Belfi so yes, it's definitely worth going to. Which reminds me that I need to book an AirBnb for the night. Slinggg. 

2 & 3 JUNE, PRAGUE DRINKS WINE -   Yessss. Other than the fact that the organizers of this festival announced that there will be a PRAGUE DRINKS CHAMPAGNE STARTING NEXT YEAR, I am exciteeeed because A.) I will be working the floor on Friday which is always a great way to meet cool new peeps and talk about great wines from a different perspective and B.) I will be drinking on Saturday :-) Strategic labor layout. Featuring great foods, tens of producers, masterclasses and more, this is a must for anyone who wants to know more about these kinds of wines or loves them. See you peeps there! <3 

09.06., BOUM SPARKLING WINE FAIR - *new edition, thank you Richard Stavek!* Soo, how is it possible I didn't know about a NATURAL SPARKLING WINE ONLY festival?? Blasphemy! EIther way, it's looking like a pretty fanfuckingtastic event - Claus Preisinger, Jurtshitsch, Costadilla, Strekov 1075 and many more.. Yum yum yum. The website doesn't actually feature the concrete time of the festival or information about tickets which is ehm, impractical, but I've written them to see so hopefully more info up soon. Yaay 

10 JUNE - GAVLIER SLOBODNE VINARSTVO - It's not Facebook official yet, but mark your calendars! The day of open farm & wine cellar at Slobodne Vinarstvo under the title Gavalier is here. Last year we had a TORRENTIAL rainstorm but despite that it was amazing - free spirited people, lots of great information and love exchanged and the best damn apricot cake I've ever had. To explain just how great it is imagine that I drove there, tasted and SPAT and drove back since I couldn't stay the night. Dedication. This year we'll hopefully be staying the night and participating in the band part of the evening - I've heard it's pretty great. 

17 JUNE, STREKOV WINE PICNIC - *new edition - thank you for the information Jakub!* Franco Terpin and Dario Princic are making a trip to Strekov! Pouring their wines amongst the Strekov gang as well as Dva Duby and Dluhe Grefty, it looks like a wonderful afternoon spent lounging around in the grass with great food, great wines and interesting talks and live music! Penciled into my diary.  

1 JULY, NAHE VINA - Closing off the flight we have the natural wine festival Nahe Vina that takes place in the g o r g e o u s Slovak city of Banska Stiavnica. It's worth going just for the nature. I've never been so can't really give proper details but I hope to make it this year. If you're in the area or love Banska Stiavnica, you should too :-) 

In case I'm missing anything that you want to make me aware of, please drop a comment! Sometimes things fall off the radar - like today's festival Vino neni Vinno in Brno which I totally missed and was sold out by the time I figured shit out. And that's a shame. 

I'm off now, time to drink wine and make love. Ciao! 

28.07., OPEN CELLARS IN VELKE BILOVICE - *new edition, thank you Jakub for the info!* The members of Czech natural winemaking group Autentiste open their cellars to the public the last July weekend! Last year this event very unfortunately clashed with Autentik Fest (which was amazing, notes below) so I'm happy that this year consumers have the freedom to go to both places in an unhurried manner. 

12.08., AUTENTIK FEST - Last year, this event was one of the highlights of my entire year. Gorgeous venue of the cellars in Boleradice, baby goats around, homely food, fantastic wines and a RAGING party till the early hours of the morning. Highly recommended - you'll be seeing me there. 

Humbuk 01. Slobodné Vinárstvo

Humbuk 01. Slobodné Vinárstvo

Humbuk - My Journey with Natural Wine (So Far)

Humbuk - My Journey with Natural Wine (So Far)